About Us

Magic Carpet’s vision:
Magic Carpet holds a simple dream for a better future: a world in which a free and responsible media works in harmony with sustainable development processes to reduce conflict and poverty and ensure equality for all.

Magic Carpet for Media Production was founded in 2008 as the local production partner for Spacetoon Kids TV in Iraq, a popular regional satellite television station for children and youth.Today, Magic Carpet specializes in delivering compelling, high-quality, and effective communication products for clients working in the international humanitarian and development fields. Our firm has produced a range of products for a number of world-renowned international organizations, including the US Institute of Peace (USIP), the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, UNICEF, IOM, ILO, UNOPS, UNHABITAT, UNESCO, and UNDP amongst others.


The quality of our work has been recognized internationally and the production team includes some of the most talented creative and production personnel in the region. We offer a full range of production services, from professional photographers, directors, producers, to full television teams. For our work on Salam Shabab, a television program designed to promote peace building by expanding human rights and freedoms of Iraqi youth, Magic Carpet was awarded the UNESCO special award at the Prix Jeunesse Festival in Munich in 2012. In 2011, the City of Chicago Council selected Magic Carpet’s director, Mr. Hussam Hadi, as the Patricia Blunt Koldyke fellow 2011 for his efforts in supporting education in Iraq through the media. Previously, in 2008, Spacetoon was announced the regional winner (MENA region) of the UNICEF Day of Children's Broadcasting for a child-led production of life in Iraq, "The World We Want,” the film production for this project was implemented by Magic Carpet.