We are a full-service media production company in Iraq, producing the finest in award-winning, visual communications. For the last 10 years, we have served top-tier clients across the MENA region, with a specific focus on Iraq.


Media Planning

Connecting your educational or awareness-raising message with your target group is no easy task. But, as anyone in the media

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Media Production

Magic Carpet has been producing the finest in award-winning video and film. As an internationally-focused media production company,

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Market Research

Magic Carpet offers a full suite of market research services. We have successfully deployed international methodologies in both

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Online Performance

In the last three years, we have built active online communities of tens of thousands of Iraq youth

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Our Clients

Adding value to our clients' programs, and helps them to achieve their communications and outreach objectives. This means more than simply seeking our customers’ satisfaction; it is about improving the lives of those we reach.