Our Vision

Adding value to our clients programmes, and helps them to achieve their communications and outreach objectives. This means more than simply seeking our customers’ satisfaction; it is about improving the lives of those we reach.


Magic Carpet for Media Production Ltd

Magic carpet is one of the leading media consultancy and production houses operating in Iraq. We provide a full suit of media services, from consultancy and strategic campaign management to the creation and production of Media to implement your campaigns. As a local representative of Spacetoon Kids TV in Iraq, Magic Carpet team has over 8 years of experience working in the MENA region with humanitarian and development agencies, like the UN and numerous NGOs. Our project portfolio regularly includes projects designed to support education, protect rights and freedoms, and promote of sustainable development. This lead magic carpet to open production houses in Jordan, Malaysia and UAE. Magic Carpet has a clear understanding of the Iraqi market, its complex culture and its socio-political situation, and responds to the needs of the international market. Our work reflects our commitment to meeting international standards while remaining faithful to local styles of media production.